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Human Resources Best Practices

Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Human Resources. Browse through and sample our published Human Resources research in the topics below:

Empower Call Center Employees to Foster Individual Ownership, Teamwork, and Improved Overall Performance
Practices in this document include: Assigning responsibilities to work groups to enable workers to foster individual ownership, team work and improved overall performance. Empowering employees to approve product or shipment returns. Empowering CSRs to manage themselves through self-scheduling and intra-team negotiations.

Formulate Both Short-Term and Long-Term Goals to Facilitate Human Resources ExcellenceThis document contains Graphics.
This document looks at AT&T's human resources management process. Using a four pronged approach — competencies, organizational effectiveness, performance, people — AT&T drives HR excellence through both short and long-term goals. These short-term and long-term goals are outlined in the table below.

A Multi-Level Approach to HR DecisionsThis document contains Graphics.
Executives possess expertise and experience gained through years of work in their chosen functional areas, but they often lack a direct perspective on employee needs and attitudes. Several benchmark partners form multi–level and cross–functional teams to address issues that will affect a broad spectrum of employees. This approach increases employee buy–in for changes and ensures programs align with employee needs. This document contains a practice related to organizing multi–level HR committees as well as some information on multi–level succession planning.


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